This is one of the oldest tricks used in omegle. You can use it on other chat sites as well, but as this blog concentrates on tricks about omegle, I would talk specifically about omegle. Lets start

What's The Trick:

You chat with a random person on omegle and the stranger tells you that he/she knows who you are. Thereafter he/she posts a link in the chat and ask you if that's your Facebook Profile. As you check the link, you are shocked to see that that link actually pointed to your profile. Someone stole your Private information. How is that possible? You wonder how could someone find out your facebook profile ID just by chatting with you on omegle, given that omegle makes sure that its users remain completely anonymous.

Read on to find out how its done.

How To Do The Facebook Trick on Omegle:

Well as most tricks you come across as soon as you find how they are done you feel that the trick was actually really stupid. Same is the case with this trick. But nonetheless it works perfectly and could serve as a great timepass.

The Secret: The secret is simple. The link “″ that people use to trick people on omegle is a special one. It may look like a regular facebook profile link but in reality it isn't. When you go to this link it takes you to your own facebook profile no matter who you are, given that you are logged in. Now do you understand?? You must have been surprised that how the hell could someone get your facebook profile ID on a site like omegle. But you know now that they didn't. They just pretend that they know your profile ID and know your information.

Some Interesting Convos:

Now I would like to show you some interesting convos I found, where people used this trick to trick people on omegle. Its always fun to scare people out isn't it?

Convo 1:

You: That's you.
Stranger: no its just my name
You: Right.
Stranger: wtf thats so weird how did u do that?
You: I'm doing an investigation on you.
Stranger: really whats my naem?
Stranger: on facebook?
You: You're number 164572111 on the investigation list.
You: Let me ask you, have you been visiting websites that could be considered innapropriate?
Stranger: well i havnt but my bro could have oh wait once i was trying to look at a pic on google but some shit popped up
You: Describe what popped up.
Stranger: it said naked pics of... somthing fox
You: Megan Fox?
Stranger: yeagh
Stranger: yeah*
You: We have that in the folder here.
You: Did you click that?
Stranger: i closed it
Stranger: right away
You: Are your parents aware you're looking at naked pictures of Megan Fox?
Stranger: well no i was trying to look at a little fag justin beiber
Stranger: or how ever his last name is spelled
You: Your parents don't know you're watching porn?
Stranger: im not
You: You were looking at Megan Fox naked and we have other websites visted from your computer
You: Your parents are going to be notified shortly.
Stranger: please dont it was my brother
You: Have a good day.

Covo 2:

Stranger: hey
Stranger: do you know me?
You: yeah i do
You: do you know me?
Stranger: nooo
Stranger: who are you??
You: someone in your friendlist
Stranger: how do you know who i am on omegle
Stranger: is this erica?
You: hotterrrrrrrrr
Stranger: whoo?
Stranger: please tell me
You: guess again and ill tell ya 
Stranger: hmm, girl or guy?
You: definitely not a guy
Stranger: well idk
Stranger: is this alex?
Stranger: is the maddie?
Stranger: is this julia?
Stranger: is this allie?
You: ya got me
Stranger: alex?
You: someone just showed me how to do that trick
You: apparently i have access to your facebook profile, pretty amazing trick huh?
Stranger: i dont get it! how do you know that im izzi?
You: it shows here on omegle duhhhh
Stranger: what are you talking about?
You: dont you recognize me yet???
You: we met friday
Stranger: you mean at saint pauls?
You: looks like your memory is coming back 
You: warmerr
Stranger: and youre a girl?
Stranger: because i only met like one girl at saint pauls
Stranger: and that was sams gf
You: well touchE
You: wasnt expecting that huh?
Stranger: how the heck do you know who i am on omegle?
You: ask sam , he showed me that
Stranger: so now you decided to stalk me? thats comforting
You: he thought it would be fun to mess around a bit
You: nuhuh that was his idea :s
Stranger: well thanks a lot
Stranger: tell sam that i think he should watch out
You: watch out for what?
Stranger: me
You: and what can you possibly do?
You: sam herehey hahahaha got ya dude
You: if you get some weird messages from your profile messages ignore it , we were kinda blasted when we sent messages to your contacts
Stranger: what the hell? what are you talking about?
You: my buddies here tested some new tricks they learnt on how to access a facebook, or talk to someone specific on omegle
You: and they kinda tried it out on ya, but its nothing serious, just sent a few hilarious messages to your frirend list from your profile
Stranger: well you know what, i dont think your allowed to do that
You: cmon its not like we dont know each other
Stranger: well you know what sam? i couldnt care less
Stranger: you violated my privacy, sent some random messages, and then tried to scare me
Stranger: so fuck you
You: chill out man, nothing serious
Stranger: really?
Stranger: you think im ok with this?
You: i dunno, id be
Stranger: what the fuck is your problem? who did you send messages to?
You: im too baked to remember what me and the guys did, anyway youll figure it out when you receive the replies hahaha
You: we did you a huge favour , you should thank us, now youre gonna get the pussiesss
Stranger: is this even sam?
You: sams just left, its me again
Stranger: the gf?
You: who else?
You: i sense it will be pretty fucked up next time we all meet

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